Got Dreams?

Got Dreams?

Ever sit in your cubicle….desk, and wonder….what’s my purpose? What do I really want to do?

What have you always wanted to do that you’re to scared to try?

Is it a business that you want to start? Is it a book you want to write? Is it moving to the beach and just slingin booze under the guise of a tiki hut?

Now think about all the energy you put into worrying about, or wanting those things to happen. Imagine if you turned that energy around, and put it towards making those “dreams” a reality:)

The “shoulds” say that we are supposed to work at least a 40 hour work week…in all honesty you can get that done in 3 days. Take the other 4 days of your week and work on what makes you happy!

The only dreams that aren’t realized, are the ones that were never pursued.

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Emo Angry Song

There’s nothing here, just an awesome screamo song:)

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You Like My Posts Bro?



I think……wait, I KNOW that soooo many times we don’t do things, or say things, or chase those dreams because we worry about what others may think. Could be family, friends, random facebook “friends”, etc. 

What I’ve come to realize, with the help from some others, is that none of it matters, none of it! There’s no real secret to happiness, and by that I mean, once you come to realize that happiness doesn’t come from money, or things, or approval from others, it comes from what you do for yourself and if it makes you smile? Then do it! Even if just for a little bit:) Whether it’s a blog that no one may read, but getting your thoughts out on digital paper, or posting pictures of fun times that you’ve had, or listening to a new song over and over and over and singing it out loud poorly in a car, shower lol! Whatever it is? It’s yours! 

Trust me, if people don’t want to hear it, or view it, or read it, they’ll block you or all of your posts, texts, phone calls,  and that’s fine f%*ck em anyway! 

I can remember a time in high school and then again in college where I was told, “years down the road, you’ll be able to count your good friends on one hand…..maybe a few fingers (middle ones) in my case lol! But it’s true! 

Be unapologetically you……life has a funny way of always working itself out. And it will work itself out in a positive way if you send that energy out there to the universe. 

When you are able to let go, and I mean truly let go, and realize that you cannot control everything, your surroundings, your job, your financial situation, your social life, your romantic situations, and just live? It’s a very freeing feeling. 

We all have those days when we hear that negative inner voice start creeping into your mind saying “you’re not doing enough” or “you suck!”, acknowledge it, that’s fine…..and then step back and say thanks for making me realize how awesome I really am!

Be the best version of you TODAY, not making up for what happened yesterday or years ago. And not thinking of what you need to be in the future. If you need help? ask for it, and give help when it’s asked of you in return. 

So I ask…..”you happy bro?” 

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The View

The View

And no I’m not talking about 5 post Menopausal women bitching about life…..I’m talking 60 degrees in February, in Ohio, and drinking outside on a Saturday evening 🙂 Priceless

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Finding New Things…

Finding New Things...

Finding new cool stuff in your own City is AWESOME! Mini Vacations rock!

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The Trap Of Availability

First of all, I’m sorry I’ve been away for several days…..I say that as if anyone actually cares, but eventually, I hope some of you will 🙂

So I was thinking about this yesterday…….can you remember “Pre Cell Phone era”? I know, I know, those of you who are under like 27 years old can’t imagine not having a phone readily available; in your pocket,  regardless of your location.

But seriously….remember the good ol’ days when you left the house to do something, and the only way someone could contact you was by a land line telephone! And if you weren’t there??? They had to leave a message….but the best part?… You NEVER knew that someone was trying to get a hold of you. You went on about your day, and just kept enjoying time spent with the person/people you were with in that exact moment…….You were always “present” 

I can actually remember times that I’ve been out with family or friends, and instead of just being “present” with them, I would instinctively be picking up my iPhone just to see if I had any texts, new emails, check weather, FaceBook, etc. Why?!?!?

The Human Race actually made it to 2014, and most of that time we didn’t have cell phones, we weren’t always “available” and if we didn’t answer our phones within 5 minutes, there wasn’t an ulterior motive, we just weren’t there!……and that was ok.  

I’ve actually made it a point to truly try to put my phone on it’s face, at 8PM each evening, and not pick it up again until I wake up the following morning. 

Now some of you may gasp and say…..”well what if there’s an emergency?!”….News Flash… life? There are very, very, very……very, few “emergencies”. That goes for work, and personal life. So if I miss something really important between the hours of 8, and 6 or 7 AM? Sorry. I’ve noticed that when I put my phone down, and just sit in my living room, and read a book, or watch a show, or snuggle with my chubby English Bulldog, I sleep better….my head’s clear the next morning, and I’ll answer those “emergency” text messages like “whats up”, or “how was your day”, or what are you up to?” 🙂

You don’t have to be available 24/7. Take time for yourself, read a book, turn off the tv and just listen to some good jazz, or? nothing at all. Talk to your dog, find a new website that interests you, take 10 minutes to sit in silence and clear your mind.

It’s amazing how being unavailable….can make your mind feel very very available 🙂 Cheers!

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Just Be You

“You don’t need to be better than anyone else, you just need to be better than you used to be” Wayne Dyer

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