YOU Control YOUR Outcome

I just wish I had the time to do something for ME…….Ugh am I 65 yet?! I’m ready to retire today………I know the company will take care of me, right? They’re solid, I’m producing, we’re good…………..Sound familiar??

Number One, there are 8,765 hours in a year. If you can’t find time for yourself, it’s purely, and undoubtedly, due to your own lack of self love, self awareness, or “want to”. You’ve essentially made yourself non-essential.

I don’t want to hear the bullshit, about “I have a family”, or “I’ve got kids maaaaan!” …who cares! So does Bill Gates, and he takes a full week off each year to just read…. Articles, books, whatever! Just reads. And Billy has a few things going on.
I WANTED to learn that new language……buuuuuut I’ve got to get little billy to practice, and go to that church pot luck, and hubby or wifey needs dinner when they get home, and by the time soccer practice is over……siiiiigh, I just don’t have the time 😦 …..Fuck You, and I mean that in the nicest way possible….ASK a friend to take little Billy, Tell the Church you’ll see them on Sunday, Tell Hubby or Wifey, there’s this thing called ordering in, or a grocery store, they’ll figure it out, and by the time soccer practice is over? The world will still be revolving on it’s axis, and you’ll have had an awesome time with yourself, muy bueno! Make yourself a priority.

Number Two, the group that is constantly playing it right, just gonna keep investing, working hard, and get to retirement and it’ll be smoooooth sailing. The people that read rich dad poor dad, and just have it all figured out.

Did you know that $1million dollars today if you have it, and your investments don’t tank in the future, assuming just 3% inflation has the purchasing power of $412,000 in 2040, the S&P 500 is at a rate of return of 3.74% so that’s awesome right? And don’t give me the time value of money bullshit, tell that to the people that played this game, and lost everything in 2007-2008.

Take mini-retirements (Tim Ferriss), stop working so goddam hard for so little. Lol, it still blows my mind to this day, when you ask someone how was your week?? “It was crazy, I was working like 12 hour days, just crushin it, grindin!”…..Really? Ever sit down and think about what you did in those 12 hour days? “grinding and crushing it?” Most of the time if you just stopped working like you were a cat tied up in a pillow case on a hot day, you could probably be more efficient, and get what you need done in half the time, then go lay by a pool and read a book, or switch to decaf.

You control your happiness on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, basis. Take that weekend trip, take that extra time off, certainly save…….that’s a great idea, but the days of putting a nest egg away and feeling really awesome about it, and waiting to enjoy life at 65, are gone with the type writer, the rotary phone, 8 track, “take care of the company, and the company will take care of you” mentality, VHS tapes, and Snoop Dog (now he’s snoop lion? wtf?) I’ll take my enjoyment now, thanks Life 🙂

Lastly, If you haven’t seen the YouTube clip of Jim Carey giving the commencement speech at Maharishi University, GooGle it…..I’ve had my own life experiences with “safe careers”, I’m sure you have, or know someone who has as well. There is no such thing, the minute you don’t fill up an Excel Spreadsheet box with some trivial number, or stockholders get antsy, or your boss’s ass is on the line, your safe job isn’t so safe any more. So in the words of Jim Carey “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love”.

YOU Control YOUR Outcome.


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