Arrogance Confused For Intelligence?

Arrogance Confused For Intelligence?

Arrogance at its very core is the belief/value set, that your beliefs, are facts that cannot be challenged, and you can manipulate and use those beliefs to judge how others think, live, feel etc. For me, the greatest example of this are “born again Christians”. Once they’ve decided to stop being a shit head, and it was a story in a book that made them do that (cough bullshit!), they immediately forget that they fell on hard times in their fog of life before Jesus opened their eyes (yawn), or did some not so awesome things in the past, and are ready to pass judgement on all those who don’t want to invest in the Jesus 401K. The arrogant see the world, but it’s kind of like viewing it through the plastic straw in your $6 Starbucks Caramel Machiatto spiked with Jesus sprinkles, it’s murky, and you kind of miss a lot of what’s really going on. Intelligence is knowing what you do not know, embracing humility, thinking, learning, tolerance…..and believing dinosaurs existed….I mean come on guys, I know Noah made a movie here recently, but we have giant fucking skeletons, also called fossils. Be intelligent, read, research, people that hold on to ONE singular view so tightly might as well be a goldfish in a fishbowl, lots of activity, but goin NOWHERES 🙂 -80/20


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