This Was My 90 Day Transformation

This Was My 90 Day Transformation

This is my passion, this is what I love. Getting healthy, and I hope to one day be able to help others do the same. I struggle with all of the same issues you all do, wanting pizza, or to much booze, sugar, candy, etc. but learning how to LIVE healthy,………LIVE HEALTHY, keeps me in shape, it’s a lifestyle. Not a box of overpriced shakes, and gimmicks, not a South Beach, North Beach, West Beach, or East Coast diet. I lost 42 lbs. got to 12.5% body fat, a size 42 waist, to a 32 through going to the gym, hard work, and I’m committing to get better because I have a ways to go, but that’s the point! Being fit is the one game you can play against yourself, you can always set a personal record:). And it doesn’t have to financially strap you. You don’t need $70 fat burners, or $150 Crossfit Classes if you can’t afford it, if that’s your thing than by all means go for it, but not everyone can spend half a car payment on fitness class….so it takes the excuses away. It can be done by simply learning how to shop, and cook for yourself. Call my “selfie” dooshy, but when you’ve gotten so big that it’s a struggle to bend over and tie your shoes?? You’d be proud of your results….and dam the critics, because they’re the ones that don’t put in the time. Be proud, not cocky of the hard work, and your accomplishments. I have several friends that have motivated me even if they don’t know it, Edward March, Eddy Roach, Joey Dusek….so find someone who you can talk to, and will help educate you, as well as be an accountability partner. This is by no means a “look at me” post, it’s simply to say, If I can do it, so can you…..and we all measure success in a different way. Hopefully one day I’ll have the ability to help others as well! And good luck to any of you out there taking on your own personal challenge! #youcandoit


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