Don’t Follow The Crowd

I’m sitting here watching the snow fall, regrettably….watching the golf, and I feel a need to let anyone know who has ever read any of my posts, something. I have to do a 180 on this, do not join Crossfit, I have seen a large enough sample size now that I truly believe they are kind of a fitness version of a cult. If you ask questions, or challenge their thought process? They put you down, say nasty things to you, and try to make you feel inferior….luckily I’m smarter and better looking then most of them  I like my gym World Gym Fitness Center because they do a form of CrossFit exercises, but it’s not the TRUE cult like following….my advice, and what I’ve always thought, is find a good coach…..a person that will help you with your goals, but if you tell them “this doesn’t feel good” they don’t call you a small person, or a pussy…..there’s ways to get fit, look great, and feel great that don’t involve rope climbs, box jumps, and morons throwing up olympic weights for time. Do your research, talk, and ask for help, and find what works right for you! There’s no one right way to do anything in life.

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