The Trap Of Availability

First of all, I’m sorry I’ve been away for several days…..I say that as if anyone actually cares, but eventually, I hope some of you will 🙂

So I was thinking about this yesterday…….can you remember “Pre Cell Phone era”? I know, I know, those of you who are under like 27 years old can’t imagine not having a phone readily available; in your pocket,  regardless of your location.

But seriously….remember the good ol’ days when you left the house to do something, and the only way someone could contact you was by a land line telephone! And if you weren’t there??? They had to leave a message….but the best part?… You NEVER knew that someone was trying to get a hold of you. You went on about your day, and just kept enjoying time spent with the person/people you were with in that exact moment…….You were always “present” 

I can actually remember times that I’ve been out with family or friends, and instead of just being “present” with them, I would instinctively be picking up my iPhone just to see if I had any texts, new emails, check weather, FaceBook, etc. Why?!?!?

The Human Race actually made it to 2014, and most of that time we didn’t have cell phones, we weren’t always “available” and if we didn’t answer our phones within 5 minutes, there wasn’t an ulterior motive, we just weren’t there!……and that was ok.  

I’ve actually made it a point to truly try to put my phone on it’s face, at 8PM each evening, and not pick it up again until I wake up the following morning. 

Now some of you may gasp and say…..”well what if there’s an emergency?!”….News Flash… life? There are very, very, very……very, few “emergencies”. That goes for work, and personal life. So if I miss something really important between the hours of 8, and 6 or 7 AM? Sorry. I’ve noticed that when I put my phone down, and just sit in my living room, and read a book, or watch a show, or snuggle with my chubby English Bulldog, I sleep better….my head’s clear the next morning, and I’ll answer those “emergency” text messages like “whats up”, or “how was your day”, or what are you up to?” 🙂

You don’t have to be available 24/7. Take time for yourself, read a book, turn off the tv and just listen to some good jazz, or? nothing at all. Talk to your dog, find a new website that interests you, take 10 minutes to sit in silence and clear your mind.

It’s amazing how being unavailable….can make your mind feel very very available 🙂 Cheers!


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