Well it’s Sunday, which means that the weekend is “winding down”. At least that’s what we are lead to believe.

Every single one of you has this exact same thought/feeling……”UGH!! Monday is comin, it sucks!”

You get that anxious feeling about the alarm going off at 6, or 7, or whenever you stop hitting the snooze button. The commute into work for a job that probably pays you to little, the line at Starbucks is to long, the hipster barista doesn’t leave you room for cream, the mini van cuts you off that has the “my child is an honor student” bumper sticker.

Here’s the facts, hopefully we all live long, healthy lives, and if that’s the case? There’s going to be a lot more Mondays….every 7 days in fact.

Do you ever just sit down and think, why do I let this one day give me these negative, awful feelings? Seriously, in all reality it’s just a day like Friday, or Saturday, or Wednesday (cue the stupid Camel Commercial).

Each day is what we make of it. I’ve made it a point to do something fun, or different on Monday. Whether it’s a new workout at the gym, or taking a break to go buy something pointless at Bed Bath & Beyond, or trying a new restaurant. You control your happiness, and your day.

Take Sunday and do something you enjoy, and let it lead into the new week. And if that mini van cuts you off? Just shoot their tires out…no big deal.

So embrace your Excel spread sheet trackers, your morning meetings that make your boss feel really powerful, the goals you’re to hit, grab a coffee, listen to some John Coltrane on the ride in, and flip the script.

My challenge to each and every one of you is to do something different, and make Monday a great day that makes it a great week!

There are only a few things that are out of your direct control in life. So control the things you can, and the rest?…….. Let it go.

Happy Sunday!


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