Welcome To The Real World Kiddies

I am so thankful I grew up in the time period that I did. Watching this “special” on youth football for Outside the Lines on ESPN makes me cringe. When I played youth football there were kids running laps around the complex in sweat suits to lose weight to make the team, it was called hard work, and discipline. Sadly, today? We are raising a generation of pussies (and that word is spot on), and people who wouldn’t dare move more than a few miles away from Mommy. Everybody “DESERVES” a trophy, Don’t hit to hard, play nice, don’t judge my baby he/she tries so hard, there’s no losers only winnners…..I’ve got news for you babbling idiot crazy moms, you can protect your children only long enough for them to then fail at life…..real life is hard, not everyone gets a trophy, failure and pain is inevitable, football, and football coaches used to teach some of these lessons, now we don’t want to hurt little Johnny’s feelings because he’s fragile, don’t say bad words, don’t yell, lets talk….. Not everyone, not even your kids are winners……. winners and success comes from hard work, persistence, and sacrifice. And trust me, you’re not going to be able to bake your kid’s boss rice krispie treats and make everything “ok”… when he cries because he didn’t hit his numbers. Although, I’m actually pretty comfortable with this new generation……these kids would rather go home and cry on their Xbox controllers than try harder…..‪#‎MyjobIsSafe‬‪#‎pussificationOfAmerica‬


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