Lifting The Curtain On Fitness & Weight Loss

Ok, brace yourselves………there is no magic pill, supplement, $200 DVD box set, vibrating ab shock system that will magically give you a six pack without any hard work, or make you shed that extra weight that you’re carrying around. You can cut carbs, gluten, protein, fat, you can juice, you can intermittent fast, meal timing, don’t eat after 6, blah freaking blah……this is not a David Blaine street magic show. Sorry, I know I know…..bummer 😦 …

However, there is good news! The answer is actually much more simple, cheaper, and doesn’t involve shipping and handling charges. While I know many of you want to hear Dr. Oz tell you how putting a lemon in your water, and standing on your head while drinking it will magically help you shed extra calories, or the guy with perfect hair on the infomercial has now come out with “INSANE” which is the follow up to “CRAZY” and “RIPPED 90X”, and wait there’s more! If you purchase all three box sets for $500 we will include a free ab chair! Just sitting in it for 30 minutes a day will give you abs by osmosis………  lets be honest with each other…..Are you really going to jump around in your living room, and sit in your ab chair for the next 5, 10, 25 years of your life? If you are, then get a cat, and some really solid curtains. 

For those of us who actually want to stay fit, and have it be sustainable, it’s pretty simple. It comes down to math, how many calories you take in, each day, how many calories you burn each day, and how much weight you want to safely lose. The “magic” is called a Caloric Deficit, and if you want to lose weight, that is what you must have. 

While I am by no means a bodybuilder, I highly recommend Tyler English’s “Men’s Health Natural Body Building Bible” But you start by getting an idea of what your Body Fat % is to get to your lean body mass.

Body Fat Percentage is so hard to gauge accurately unless you spend a pretty penny getting it tested properly (even calipers make mistakes), so for our purposes, we can use Tyler’s at home version that will get you a close enough estimate. 

  • Sit in a chair knees bent, feet flat
  • Use thumb and index finger and pinch the skin on the top of your thigh
  • Measure the thickness of the pinched skin

If its:

  • 3/4″ you have about 14% BF
  • 1″ closer to 18%
  • More than an 1″ you have alot of work to do, and Body Fat over 20% puts you at risk for diabetes and heart disease. 

The reason for all of this is to find your true LBM (Lean Body Mass) to calculate your baseline caloric intake daily. Meaning the amount of calories you can take in, to maintain your weight just as you are. The reason that is important, is because you need to know how many calories to take away to lose weight, safely. NO STARVATION DIETS, in fact, diet is such a stupid word, it’s how you will feed your body, losing weight doesn’t mean starving yourself. (sorry off my soapbox)

So, Lean Body Mass = Body weight – (Body Weight x Body-Fat %) 

If you hate math like I do, you can find these online as well 

Example: I’m 210 – (210×12%) = 185lbs.

So Daily Caloric Intake:

  • 6-12% 17 Calories per pound of LBM
  • 12.1-15% 16 Calories per pound of LBM
  • 15.1-19% 15 Calories per pound of LBM
  • 19.1-22% 14 Calories per pound of LBM
  • 22.1%-Above 13 Calories per pound of LBM

So in my case if I never wanted to lose another pound I would multiply my 185LBM by 17Cals per day and get roughly 3,142 calories per day to maintain my current weight. 

Without going in to how to dice up those calories between fat, carbs, and protein…..the magic is in the math. If you want to lose 1lb. per week, cut 500 calories per day, multiply that by 7 days in a week you have a caloric deficit of 3500 calories, or 1lb. 🙂 No fat burners, no testosterone boosters, no pre-workout supplements, just eat well, and work hard, save your money….we were born with all the tools to be be fit, we don’t need to buy them. Hope this helps someone, anyone, or if no one, I’m ok with that too, because it sure as hell helped me!  Good luck!Image


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