My Thoughts On Marathoners….

Runner: Whew! I totally ran my best time! 3hrs 38minutes!
Normal Person: Surely there were prizes involved, what did you win?
Runner: No, No You don’t get it! I beat my personal best! Yaay!
NP: So you ran for the length of the buckeyes football game just to beat yourself? and take a group picture of you with a fake medal?
Runner: Yes, and to show that I’m more physically fit than you, and better than you…in all aspects of life.

NP: Oh…thats cool….Doesn’t running that long make you sick?
Runner: YES!! WOOOO! But that’s the beauty of it, I puked at mile marker 75, and it was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING! And I just kept pushing it, NEVER QUIT, NEVER SAY DIE!
NP: Oh…wow, that’s aggressive….Well I puked in my sink at minute number 17 during the Ohio State football game, and I kept pushing, KEPT GOING, that was centimeter marker 22 from my couch, to my sink. I guess we’ll both be drafted by the same team.

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